Monday, 6 June 2011

New to blogging

Hello world.  I'm only really on here to post knitting stuff.  So let's stop the jibber jabber and do that, eh?

Click here for Knitted dalek egg cosy pattern

You will find the original crochet version here: Click here for

For those of you who don't fancy knitting in the round, there is also a flat version which you can knit, then sew up into a three dimensional cosy. This comes care of my friend Anne. :D  Click here for Flat Dalek


  1. Awesome, should make breakfast much more fun.

  2. Featured on Geek Crafts!

  3. I done flat knittin Dalek, in row 9 mc, p1 *(in cc purl 5 together, in mc p3)* repeat until 7 sts left, in cc purl 5 together, in mc p2. When i done this row it was p2 instead of p1 at start and p1 instead of p2 at end. bit in bracket was right.
    When you done two repeats of 6-11, it went to row 23 and not 33 as on pattern. Row 34-36 should only be two rows and not 3 as on pattern. I got confused if it should have been st st at top bit. I'm only saying what i came across when i knitted it. Yours sincerely, Diana Murphy.

  4. the flat version seems to have an error in rows 7 and 8 where it tells you to work pattern to last 3 stitches but then gives instructions for the last 7 stitches.

  5. Can anybody help please I need to knit some Dr Who figures for charity but they must be small To go on a Christmas tree. Does anyone know of a pattern book I could buy . Thanks Suzanne